Travel Insurance:

This is absolutely 100% essential ! Emergency Health insurance as well as general insurance travel cancellations and for loss or theft of cameras and other personal items.


Tourist Visas must be obtained from the nearest Embassy or High Commossion. You should apply at least one month before you travel. In some African countries Visas may be obtained form port of entry but it is important to get the proper advice before traveling.


All African countries have their own official currency, but the US dollar is the main international currency used by all Safari Lodges & Hotels. We suggest carrying US Dollars in cash and travelers cheques. As a tourist you would be expected to use US Dollars. Banks will exchange US Dollars, English Pound’s, Euros and SA Rand’s for local currency which you will require for souvenirs, tips and sundries. Credit cards are accepted in many safari lodges, hotels & shops – but not all so check with us before you travel. Exchange rates change regularly but as a guide line please visit:


Please check what medical requirements are required to travel to your destination. Remember, Malaria is rife throughout Africa and anti-malaria medications are a MUST (We recommend ‘MALARONE’). Bring insect repellant to keep away Tsetse flies during the day (in some parks only) and mosquitoes at night. Always bring plenty of sun cream, even in the cool season the sun will burn. Also remember that AIDS is prevalent in Central Africa and so ALWAYS take precautions. Consult your Doctor before you leave for further advise. Always ask if ‘tap’ water is safe to drink – bottled water is widely available.


African Climate varies greatly depending on season, location, altitude etc. Please check what the weather is expected to be before you travel.


Wear neutral colours with a good pair of light walking boots for game viewing. A body belt for money and valuables is necessary if you are visiting any towns. Most evenings are spent around a camp fire or open air dinning with candle light under the stars, so a light Jacket or jumper is a good idea to keep the chill off . Nocturnal game viewing drives in open vehicles, especially in June / July can be very cold so a warm jacket & trousers are needed. A shady hat is also essential especially for children.


Away from the towns and certainly in all camps & lodges, your personal belongings are generally safe from theft – many tents do not have locks anyway. All the camps, lodges and hotels provide ‘safe keeping’ at reception. In the towns, petty theft from street vendors & hustlers is prevalent and obvious tourists are targeted – so be alert at all times and by simply taking sensible precautions, your trip will be safer i.e. never move about alone, keep cameras and valuables hidden etc.


Africa is between 1&3 hour ahead of Central European Time and 7&9 hours ahead of Eastern USA time – other than that – RELAX – there’s no rush in Africa !!!


The Telephone system in the main towns are generally very reliable. In the Bush communications are normally by SAT phone or radio, Email is available almost anywhere – even in the bush ! Airmail letters & postcards tend to be very slow reaching their destination so stick to email !


The law in different African countries varries but is generaly based on ‘Britlish Law’ with minor alterations. Criminal & Court proceedings are similar in most ways – the rule is – if its against the Law in the UK the same applies in Africa no matter what people may say; the use of ANY & ALL drugs are against the law. DO NOT BREAK THE LAW in Africa – its not much fun as African Prisons are not very comfortable ! Do NOT accept items from anyone to carry back to the UK. If you are unsure about anything – ask your Guide or Safari Company Representative.

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