This peaceful sanctuary, situated on the south western edge of the Lake Bangweulu basin, is one of Zambia’s smallest national parks. It’s 450 km2 however, are so well endowed with rivers, lakes and wetlands, forests, lagoons, meadows and dambos that it supports a uniquely wide range of animals and abundant birds and fish. Do not expect to see large herds of animals round every corner, but it is surely one of the most picturesque parks in Zambia with superb bird life.

Kasanka National Park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parks in Zambia and contains a rich diversity of animal, bird and plant life. Several rare species are abundant in the park, including Sititunga, Wattled crane, Ross’s Lourie and Blue Monkeys.

Kasanka hosts a unique wildlife spectacle every November and December when Millions of Straw-colored Fruit bats assemble from around Central Africa to roost in an area of ‘Mushitu’ swamp forest near the confluence of the Musola and Kasanka Rivers.

At twilight bats fill the sky in all directions for twenty solid minutes as they leave their roost site to feed though the night on abundant seasonal fruit of the “miombo” woodlands. This event is one of Africa’s most amazing and unusual wildlife spectacles – never forgotten by those lucky enough to witness it. Kasanka has a wide variety of habitats, each hosting their own associated wildlife.

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Wasa Lodge

Wasa Lodge lies on the edge of Lake Wasa in the eastern half of the park with puku, hippo and sitatunga visible from the lodge.

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Luwombwa Lodge

Situated on the shores of a gently meandering stream heavily fringed with evergreen forest. An ideal spot for birdwatching.

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