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Zambian People

Zambia is home to a diverse ethnic heritage of many tribal cultures. There are 73 different official ethnic groups each with their own language and traditional cultural ceremonies that remain very much alive today. Some of these ceremonies have become internationally recognized and are in themselves a reason for many travellers to visit Zambia.

The Ku’omboka ceremony is probably the best known of these. Ku’omboka takes place annually. Ku’omboka literally means “getting out of the water” – which is what this event is all about. The floods submerge the land where centuries past the Litunga, or chief of the Lozi tribe, established his court on a mound in the fertile flood plains of the Zambezi. When the Lealui Knoll – the royal court’s traditional home – becomes flooded, a festival-like evacuation of the area begins. As the water rises, the people await the Litunga’s decision to vacate. The Lozi people pack all their possessions including livestock in canoes and prepare for the exodus. The Litunga’s Nalikwanda, a zebra striped royal barge, starts off the flotilla. Thirty men, dressed in matching ceremonial garb, chanting songs of the Ku’omboka & propel the royal barge. The Moyo or Lutinga’s wife, is the next to depart. Her barge is followed by hundreds of canoes following their leaders to dry high ground for the duration of the rainy season. The Ku’omboka occurs some time in February or March. The exact dates depend on the seasonal rains that flood the Zambezi River which determine the water level.

Kawaza Village Experience

Visit Kawaza Village ( Luangwa ) for the day or stay for a while. Kawaza is a genuine Zambian village, get involved with the people and village life. This is NOT a tourist village but part of the local community and a very rewarding and educational experience especially for children. It is possible to stay in the village overnight or for a few days. Get to know the people and experience a part of their lives.

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