In the north of Malawi, Nyika National Park is a rolling plateau grasslands, distinguished by its unique plant communities of herbs and heathers. Here you’ll find some of Africa’s largest herds of eland and roan antelope, amongst which you can ride on horseback, mountain bike or hike on your own without an armed scout.

Being unlike anywhere else in Africa the biodiversity of flora and fauna to be found in the Nyika is fascinating and of great scientific importance. This vast, untouched, beautiful wilderness area is home to eland, (herds of up to 300 in the summer), roan antelope (the highest concentration in Africa), zebra, reedbuck, bushbuck, klipspringer, 3 species of duiker (red, grey and blue), warthog, bushpig and blue monkey. In the remote areas of the park(only accessible by foot or on horseback) there are elephant, buffalo, kudu, Sharpe’s grysbok, baboon and vervet monkey. Predators include serval and side striped jackal and very healthy populations of spotted hyaena and leopard.

With such varied habitat a large number of animal species can be seen and over 500 species of birds have been recorded between the two reserves (out of a total of 650 for Malawi). And in the summer months the wildflowers that carpet the grasslands are a sight to behold.


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Chelinda Lodge

In the heart of the Nyika Plateau with panoramic views over rolling montane grasslands. Built entirely of pine logs and stone.

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